Dr. Reckeweg R34 Recalcifying Drops


Safety Information
Additional Information



  • Calc. carbon. Hahnem.
  • Calc. fluor.
  • Calc. hypophosph.
  • Calc. phosph.
  • Chamomilla
  • Hekla Lava
  • Mezereum
  • Mercur. praec. rub.
  • Silicea


Directions for use:

  • Sucklings and children at the growing age will be given, regularly once or twice a day 10-15 drops (for suckling’s it will be best to mix with the normal milk-supply in the feeding bottle suitably shaken).
  • In case of disorders, like rickets or other diseases of the bones, to the vitamins already  taken one will add 4-6 times a day 10-15 drops in a little water before meals.
  • Pains in the bones at night call for frequent doses; 10-15 drops every 1/4 hour.
  • Dressings with Fuller’s Earth or healing earth can be applied at the same time; as also with fistulae of the bones.
  • The use of pork remains strictly prohibited. In case of difficult teething with children,3-4 times daily by way of long-term cure; and, in case of sharp pain, every 10 minutes 8-10-15 drops in some water.
Safety Information

Safety Information

Safety Information:
• Read the label carefully before use
• Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
• Keep out of reach of children

Additional Information

Additional Information


Calcium carbon. Hahnem. D 30, Calcium fluorat. D12, Calcium phosphoric. D12, Calcium hypophosphor. D 6, Chamomilla D 6, Hekla Lava D12, Mezereum D 6, Mercur. praec. rubr. D12, Silicea D 30, Ethanol, Aqua put

Mode of action:

A variety of calcium compounds profoundly influence the calcium metabolism according to the symptomatology listed below:
Calc. carbon. Hahnem.: Rickets, softening of the bones, lack of calcium.
Calc. fluor.: Acts on the teeths, especially on the enamel.
Calc. hypophosph.: Regulating influence on the production of calcium
in pregnancy.
Calc. phosph.: Perturbations in the growths of the bones, deficiency in
calcium production, chronic headaches of anaemic children.
Chamomilla: Angry irritation, head sweat, teething trouble of children.
Hekla Lava: Exostosis affecting the feet.
Mezereum: Inflammation and pains in the skin of bones, especially the
shin-bones, the upper part of the arms, and the bones of the chest.
Mercur. praec. rub.: Against osseous deficiencies, exostosis and periostitis with nocturnal pains in the bones.
Silicea: Stimulant of growths; fights fistulae of the bones


  • Painful dentition: additionally R 35.
  • In craddle cap: if necessary additionally R 23.
  • In hyperhydrosis: compare R 32.
  • In osteoarthritis: additionally R 73.
  • In osteochondritis of vertebral discs, vertebral osteoarthritis; additionally R11
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