What is Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy-this truly tongue twisting term , stemming from the Greek, stands for a self-contained system of therapy which gently supports the natural, regenerative healing endeavors of the organism by raising the body’s ‘vital force’ to such an extent that the body overcomes the disease process and gets back to its normal, healthy self without causing any adverse side-effect.

The name Homoeopathy comes from the Greek word “homios” which means “like” and the word “pathos” meaning “suffering”. It simply means treating like with like.

In the fourth century B.C., Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, observed that large amount of certain natural substances can produce symptoms in healthy people resembling those caused by the disease, while smaller doses of these same substances can relieve those symptoms.

In 1790’s Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and father of Homoeopathy amplified this concept and proposed the law of “Similia similibus curentur” or, in plain English “Like cures like”.

The law simply states that a remedy can cure a disease if it produces in a healthy person symptoms similar to those of the disease.

Homoeopathic remedies are diluted to such an extent that there can be no possible side effects from even the most toxic substances. The dilution process is known as ‘potentiation’ Taken in this ultra diluted form, these remedies have no side effects and are perfectly safe, non-toxic and non-addictive.

Homoeopathy vs Allopathy

Clinical Bacterial and Viral complaints are the end result of everything else being out of balance; and to only eradicate the bacteria or virus, is not getting to the cause of the disease! Although it usually gives a temporary relief, until the body is further run down and exposed to more bacteria or viruses. Don’t you think that a better approach would be to strengthen the vital healing force so that when the body is exposed to bacteria etc, it does not become infected.

The Allopathic approach to curing Disease is to “Suppress” the symptoms of disease with strong chemical drugs, against the bodies own natural healing force. This is the opposite too, and against the Natural Healing Laws of Nature! When you suppress the symptoms of disease with strong chemical drugs, you are actually preventing the body’s own natural healing force from working the way it naturally should.

By using strong chemical drugs you are just masking the symptoms, which gives temporary relief of the symptoms, but does not cure. This can be observed as, when the drugs are stopped the symptoms come back, in all their glory and sometimes in a much aggravated state, as well as a depressed feeling of well being.

Now because you have used synthetic chemicals to force the body to act differently to it’s natural function, over time you will further weaken the body’s Vital Healing Force and Immune System to make the body more susceptible to further disease in all their various forms. In contrast the Homoeopathy system of medicine is built around the natural healing laws of nature, and believes if you have a disease you have an imbalance to the Vital Healing Force of your body. This Vital Healing Force is an energy force which is connected through meridians (channels) in the body. When this energy force goes out of balance, you then get “disease”, in all their various forms, Genetic, Psychological, Emotional, Functional (Metabolic) and Clinical (Bacterial & Viral).

The patient is nowadays more enlightened than ever and has for a long time been no longer prepared to “swallow”, in the truest sense of the word, every side effect.

Thus, in recent times there has even been a gratifying change in the prescribing habits of doctors in favour of natural, homoeopathic drugs.This may even be described as a world – wide renaissance of homoeopathic remedies, allowing prophylactic and therapeutic intervention in relation to the human organism in the form of holistic drug treatment, without having to take side effects into account.

law of cure

There are three laws of cure, They are:

  • A remedy starts at the top of the body and works downward
  • A remedy works from within the body outward, and from major to minor organs
  • Symptoms clear in reverse order of appearance.

Application of the three principles of cure means that you will feel better emotionally before you will feel better physically.

Homoeopathy is not a ‘pill for every ill’, but it can offer a safe alternative to conventional medical treatments for a vide range of diseases and complications.

Safe but Why Effective

According to homoeopathic doctrine , the more diluted the solution, the more potent it is.

But how does the information in such a minute amount of substance get transferred to the body? Some theorists suggest the repeated succession creates an electrochemical pattern that is stored in the water carrier and then spreads like liquid crystallization through the body’s own water; others say the dilution process triggers an electromagnetic imprinting that directly affects the electro-magnetic field of the body.

This concept is used in other therapies also. For example, Ayurveda suggests taking water that has been potentizated by precious metals such as gold. The water is believed to possess curative power as a result of coming in contact with gold and other gemstones although no molecular transfer takes place.

The effects of micro-doses have been known for a long time, and there are a number of examples that support the idea that very diluted concentrations of a substance will have a measurable and sometimes profound effect. Scientists call this phenomenon: hormesis.

Scientists from Michigan State University have shown how hormesis work in nature. They used microdoses of a fertilizer to stimulate crop production. In a dose equivalent to a 9x dilution, the fertilizer increased tomato yield by 30 percent, carrots were 21 percent bigger, and corn yield increased by 25 percent.

Our own bodies secrete minute amounts of hormones that have powerful effects. Thyroid hormone is present in our blood at only 1 part per 10 billion-yet this is enough to regulate the rate of our entire metabolism.

It is all based more or less on the theory of the atomic bomb. The bomb gets its energy from the splitting of the nuclei (central cores) of uranium or plutonium atoms. The relationship between mass and energy put forth by the great mathematician Albert Einstein explains how the fission of heavy atoms can produce energy. Similarly, in homoeopathy the drug substances, that is small atoms, are split into even smaller atoms generating more and more energy.