Agaricus muscaria

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Directions of Use:

  • As directed by your Physician


Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional information about Agaricus muscaria

Agaricus is indicated in cases of nervous affections with symptoms such as vertigo, delirium, lowered reflexes, jerking, twitching, trembling, etc. It is also useful in chronic lung infections, various forms of neuralgia and spasmodic affections, and neurotic skin troubles.

Agaricus muscarius As Per Boericke Materia Medica:

Mind: Excessive talkativeness with inclination to sing. Indifference, and aversion to work with fearlessness. Delirium begins with paroxysm of yawning.

Head: Sensation of fainting from sunlight, and on walking with tendency to fall backwards, as if a weight in the occiput. Headache, as if from a nail hed been driven into the temples. Dull headache with sensation of icy coldness on the head with a desire to cover head warmly.

Eyes: Difficulty in reading as the letter seems to move with double vision, dimness and flickering before eyes. Pain in the eyeballs, from prolonged strain with twitching of lids and eyeballs. Margins of lids and inner angle very red with itching and burning.

Ears: Burning and itching in the ears and twitching of muscles about the ear and noises.

Nose: Itching internally and externally on the nose with spasmodic sneezing, sensitiveness and watery discharge. Offensive, dark, bloody discharge and nosebleed in old people.

Face: Stiffness and twitching of face with itching and burning. Neuralgia of face as if from cold needles or sharp ice touched them.

Mouth: Vesicular eruptions on the lips with burning sensation and twitching. Sweetish taste in the mouth with apthous ulcers. Increased thirst with tremulous and white tongue.

Throat: Sore throat with scratching sensation and stitches along the eustachian tube to ear. Dryness of throat making swallowing difficult.

Stomach: Spasmodic contractions and hiccough of nervous origin. Extreme hunger with flatulence and distention of abdomen. Burning in stomach after meals with dull pressure.

Abdomen: Sharp stitching pains in liver, spleen and abdomen. Loose stools with fetid flatus and fetid stools.

Urinary: Frequent urination with stitches in urethra. Sudden and violent urging to urinate. Frequent urination.

Female: Menses too early and too profuse with itching, tearing, pressive pains of genitals and back. Spasmodic attacks of pain during menses. Complaints following childbirth and coition. White discharge from vagina with much itching.

Respiratory Organs: Violent, spasmodic cough at night after falling asleep, with expectoration of little balls of mucus with oppressed breathing. Cough often ends in sneezing.

Heart: Pulse intermittent and irregular with sensation of oppression in the cardiac region and palpitation with redness of face.

Back: Sensitiveness of spine, lumbago and twitching of cervical muscles.

Extremities: Stiffness of joints with uncertain gait better from motion. Cramps in the calves, and soles with pain in shin-bone. Paralytic affections of lower limbs, with spasmodic convulsions of arms.

Skin: It is indicated in frost-bites, chilblains, pimples and miliary rashes, with intolerable itching and burning. Coldness of skin with varicose veins and oedema.

Sleep: Sleeplessness with frequent attacks of yawning followed by involuntary laughter. Restlessness from itching and burning of the skin.

Fever: Fever with attacks of heat in evening with great sensitivity to cold air and copious sweat.

Modalities: Worse in cold open air, after eating, after coition, before a thunder-storm. Better by moving around.

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