At Dr. Reckeweg Bensheim, research goes beyond product improvement or new product development. For more that fifteen years our company is one of the very few in the world that are active in the field of basic research in homoeopathy. The primary goal of our research work is trying to answer a question, that has been unresolved for two centuries: how is it possible that substances are effective and make a difference after they have been diluted to an extreme degree by way of potentiation? We are challenged to develop new models of thinking, a new understanding of cause and effect, mainly by investigating into physical systems that are able to save specific pieces of structural information without requiring the existence of a special carrier matter. In order to explain the action mechanisms of homeopathic drugs, such systems are now discussed on a global scale. International symposia are organized at regular intervals, which provide an information platform on recent research development and serve as an exchange forum for medical practitioners.