Dr. Reckeweg R 44 Disorders of the blood circulation - 22 ML

Dr.Reckeweg R 44 Disorders of the blood circulation - 22 ML
490.00 (PKR)

Dr. Reckeweg R 44 Hypotonal

Hypotension Drops

Indications: Weakness of the conduction and hypotony. Exhaustion of the heart and lassitude ensue.

Mode of action of main Ingredients

Crataegus: General tonic of the myocardium.

Laurocerasus: Irritation of the breathing system as a result of its content of prussic acid.

Oleander: Specific action on conduction; raises blood-pressure

Spartium scoparium: Selective action on ;low blood pressure which it regularizes.The combined effect of the present remedy already shows after a few days treatment a correction of the venous tension and a regularization of the blood-pressure.This preparation is ideal for feminine anaemia following upon loss of blood in child-birth, or in cases of low blood pressure following upon infectious illnesses, i.e. influenza, angina etc.; also in general vegetative dystonia coupled with a lowering of blood pressure.


Dosage: As prolonged cure: 3 times daily 10-15-20 drops in some water before or after meals.In acute cases every 1-2 hours 10-15 drops. 


Remarks: In case of recurring pains and intermittence of circulatory weakness, 10-15 drops every 5-10 minutes, possibly undiluted or in a little warm water.Sleep must be regularized; this is especially imperative with young mothers weakened after childbirth.Complementary remedies: R31 and R2.


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