Euphrasia 1M 11ml

Euphrasia 1M 11ml
540.00 (PKR)

Dr. Reckeweg Euphrasia off Dilution 1M

Euphrasia Officinalis Dilution

Euphrasia rightly known as Eyebright is extremely helpful in most eye affections. It helps in curing inflammatory conditions of eyes, nose, and prostate. It helps in following conditions:


Conjunctivitis, with continuous watering from the eyes all day
Discharge from eyes is so acidic that it peels off the skin
Intense burning, redness, swelling and drooping (ptosis) of eyelids
Sticky, thick mucus in the eyes. Patient must blink eyes repeatedly to clear the sticky mucus
Blisters on cornea

Bursting headache with acidic tears and heavy, watery discharge from nose

Periods are painful with flow lasting only for an hour or a day

Difficulty in clearing throat, coughing only during the daytime with lot of discharge from eyes

Complaints of prostate (prostatitis) with nightly irritation of bladder and complains of urine passing in drops (dribbling)

Dose: As prescribed by physician

Side effects: None


Maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/any other medicines and homeopathic medicine.