Dr. Reckeweg R 3 Heart Drops - 22 ML

Dr. Reckeweg R 3 Heart Drops - 22 ML
490.00 (PKR)

Dr. Reckeweg R 3 Corvosan

Heart Drops

Indications: Heart insufficiencies of a light to medium degree, with a tendency towards oedema. Myocardial weakness in cases of valvular heart diseases. Dilatations. Post-infectious  myocardial weakness. Degenerative processes of the myocardium, coronary insufficiencies, cardiac infarction, functional irregularities, myo- and endocarditis, hypotonia.

Mode of action of main Ingredients: Increases muscular strength of the heart, caused by the following group.

Cactus: Oppression with symptoms of angina pectoris. Strong pulse, suffocation.

Crataegus: Myodegeneratio cordis with cardiac weakness; enfeeblement of the heart during infectious diseases. Painful spasms; hypotension; tendency towards  decompensation; functional irregularities.

Digitalis: Heart failure with cardiac dilatation.

Kalium carbonicum: Weakness of the heart and the cardiovascular system in endo-myocarditis. Sharp pain in the heart. 

Kalmia: Pains extending down left arm. Chronic heart weakness with difficult breathing. Acute and chronic endocarditis, following gout and rheumatism.

Phosphorus: Heart palpitations mainly when resting on the left side, afflux of blood to the chest and suffocation, anguish. General nervous exhaustion and hypersensitivity.

Scilla: Insufficiency of the cardiovascular system with dysrhythmia. Decompensation phenomenon.

Spigelia: Strong and abnormal palpitation, low pulse, endo-myocarditis.

Strophanthus: Fast acting heart tonic


Dosage: According to the weakness of the heart, 3 times daily 10-20-30 drops in some water, in the beginning of the treatment even 4-6 times daily.In case of strong tendency towards  hydropsy, to be taken undiluted. Improvement should follow after several days only. If not, the dose should be increased, and reduced again after improvement to 20 drops, 3 times a day.  Even after complete disappearance of the complaints a treatment of 10-15 drops 2-3 times a day should be continued for a longer period of time. Overdosing presents no danger. In acute  weakness of the heart, every 15 to 30 minutes 10-20 drops.


Remarks: In cardiac neurosis, angina pectoris etc., use R2 Gold drops.In myocarditis and endocarditis administer additionally R22.Decompensated heart: R58.In myocardial infarct: R67  and R2, follow-up with R3.Cardiac arrhythmias: R66.Cardiac neurosis: R22.




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