Apis Mellifica 1M 11ml

Apis Mellifica 1M 11ml
540.00 (PKR)

Information about Dr. Reckeweg Apis Mel Dilution

The homeopathic remedy Apis mellifica is prepared from the Western or European honey bee. Apis has the ability to treat conditions such as allergies, angioneurotic oedema, arthritis, ascites, asthma, cystitis, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, erysipelas and cellulitis, glomerulonephritis, headache and migraine, infertility, influenza, meningitis, nephrotic syndrome, pharyngitis, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, scarlet fever, shingles, and urticarial (hives). 

It is also effective in great edema conditions; general or local (face, ears, eyelids, especially lower); throat (diphtheria); genitals (especially scrotum); skin (erysipelas and urticaria); everywhere; general anasarca, abdomen. These edemas are accompanied with the characteristic pains, or no pain at all. 
Further it is effective in great debility, burning, stinging pains, great sensitiveness to touch and pressure (abdomen), tension (over the eyes in the left side of the head) behind ears, in the neck and sensation of soreness under the ribs. 

Use under medical supervision